Professional Education Program Courses

Note: Courses do not have to be taken in sequence, but to expedite CERA certification or recertification, we encourage enrolling in the courses whenever they are offered.

For more information refer to the Core Courses or the Renewal Courses pages for detailed descriptions of courses needed to obtain or renew CERA status.

To download a pdf version or to view offline a detailed descriptions of courses you may refer to the PEP Manual or the Core Course Description pdf.

Course Names

Required to Gain CERA Status

  • Introduction to Analysis of Election Systems to Improve Performance
  • Management & Leadership Concepts in Election and Voter Registration Administration
  • Planning and Budgeting for Elections and Voter Registration
  • Election Information Access & Security
  • Ethics in Election and Voter Registration Administration
  • Communications in Election and Voter Registration Administration
  • Facilitating Voter Participation
  • Implementation of New Programs in Voter Registration and Elections Administration
  • Enfranchisement, Enhancement & Enforcement - Modern Federal Election Law & Regulation: 1965 to Present
  • Constitutions, Courts & Cases to 1965 - Early America to 1965 with Focus on State and US Constitutions
  • History I - Ancients to 1781
  • History II - 1781 to Modern Era

Course Names

Required to Renew CERA Status
Available Only to CERA/CERV/CEM Graduates

  1. The Policy Process
  2. Crisis Management
  3. Training In Elections
  4. Contracting
  5. Comparative Democracies
  6. Conflict Management
  7. Developments in State and National Election Law
  8. Federal Impact on Elections and Voter Registration: 1960's to present
  9. The Integrity of Elections
  10. Benchmarking
  11. Researching Election Administration
  12. Expanding the Franchise: Pathways to Participation & Professionalism
  13. Defining Democracy: Women's SUFFRAGE
  14. Election Administration Resource Management: Increasing Revenue and Understanding True Costs
  15. Measuring Performance to Tell Your Story - Because If You Don't, Someone Will Tell It for You
  16. Navigating Successful Change Management in Election Administration
  17. Using Surveys, Focus Groups, and Polling to Collect Information to Help Election Professionals
  18. Election Assessment: Tracking Performance across the Election Administration System
  19. Election Storytelling: Effective Use of Information about Operations and Finances
  20. Redistricting/Gerrymandering
  21. Alternative Election Systems in the U.S.
  22. Election Administration Research Update


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