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Election Center    Special Workshop


Election Center    Special Workshop



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The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) has approved the Postal Service’s proposed price changes for First-Class Mail, USPS Marketing Mail, Periodicals and Package Services.  The changes, which USPS announced Oct. 12, include a 2-cent increase in the price of a First-Class Mail Forever stamp.  The adjusted prices are included in an order available on the PRC’s site. The PRC has not responded yet on the Special Services price changes. Find out more today...


USPS® Price Change Fact Sheet


January 2017

(USPS) The January 2017 price change will impact both Market Dominant and Competitive products. The changes to the PostalOne!® system will take place on January 8th 2017 and the price change will occur January 22nd 2017. The major changes for this release are summarized below. Special Services changes, including permits, have not yet received approval from the PRC. For complete details download your fact sheet today...

United States Postal Service Price Change Fact Sheet Fiscal Year 2017




New Release Of Auburn University
And CERA Faculty Publication

The Election Center is pleased to announce the Palgrave Macmillan publication of Administering Elections: How American Elections Work written by three of our esteemed CERA faculty at Auburn University; Kathleen Hale, Robert Montjoy, & Mitchell Brown.

Since the 2000 presidential election, attention to and scholarship about American elections have exploded alongside myriad proposals for election reform. This book provides a framework for a broader understanding of this critical dimension of American democracy by providing a digest and analysis of contemporary American election administration practices. Using a systems perspective, the authors provide policymakers, election officials, candidates,  Read More...






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