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Election Center 32nd Annual National Conference



With the CERA & CERV graduation date upon us once again the time to act is now. Your completed Application for Graduation and payment must be received by the Election Center Office in Katy, TX by June 1, 2016  in order to graduate in August 2016  from the CERA & CERV Program. Find your Application Form here...



As another busy election season approaches, Election Center is pleased to announce that the USPS® is stepping up to help the community of election administration officials by providing the necessary tools for facilitating the processing of all election-related mail. The 2016 Official Election Mail Kit and additional resources are available now.

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It is that time of year again. The Professional Practices Program is an opportunity in which election officials can publicly share their successful practices. So, now is the time to put your best onto paper and share it with your colleagues. It is our hope that you will make time to help this program grow and to enrich our profession further. In order to evaluate and select winners and to prepare for the presentations at the National Conference, we have set a deadline of June 3, 2016 for submission of all papers. Download the coversheet and for more information please review our 2016 flyer below.


Professional Practice Program Cover Sheet

Professional Practice Program 2016 Flyer



Today’s Postal Bulletin (#22437) highlights the U.S. Postal Service 2016 Election & Political Mail Communications Plan.

The Postal Service™ is in the midst of primary season and preparing for the general election in November 2016. With elections comes Election Mail and Political Campaign Mail and proper handling of each is critical. Find out more...





Our most recent Special Workshop entitled "Contingency (Emergency) Planning for Voter Registration and Election Offices" provides hands on advice, insights and recent updates from your colleagues in election administration along with issues involving the USPS. Review the power point presentations from the following individuals as well as others:  Tammy Patrick, Shelly McThomas, Grace Wachlarowicz, Jennifer Morrell, Kristi Passarelli

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Read the latest Industry Alert: The Importance of Elections and Political Mail. Highlights of the Upcoming March 2016 National

Postal Forum. Find out more...


Review the power point presentations from our most recent Joint Election Official Liaison Committee Meeting held in Pentagon City, Virginia.

Presentations from the following indivduals are available below: Bruce Adelson, Judd Choate, Dan Diorio, Barbara Gambler, Brian Hancock, Amber McReynolds, Tammy Patrick and Wayne Williams.

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New Release Of Auburn University
And CERA Faculty Publication

The Election Center is pleased to announce the Palgrave Macmillan publication of Administering Elections: How American Elections Work written by three of our esteemed CERA faculty at Auburn University; Kathleen Hale, Robert Montjoy, & Mitchell Brown.

Since the 2000 presidential election, attention to and scholarship about American elections have exploded alongside myriad proposals for election reform. This book provides a framework for a broader understanding of this critical dimension of American democracy by providing a digest and analysis of contemporary American election administration practices. Using a systems perspective, the authors provide policymakers, election officials, candidates,  Read More...



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