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Election Center 33rd Annual National Conference


With the CERA/CERV graduation date upon us once again the time to act is now. Your completed Application for Graduation and payment must be received by the Election Center Office in Katy, TX by June 1, 2017  in order to graduate in August 2017  from the CERA/CERV Program. Please complete your Application For Graduation Form today!


So be sure to use this application form whether you are applying for Certified Elections Registration Administrator, Certified Elections Registration Vendor or Certified Elections Monitor.





Our most recent Special Workshop entitled "The Changing Trends In Elections" provides an array of topics comprising: Updates in Registration and Elections Litigation, Modernization of the Voter Registration Process, Updates from the Measurement Project, Changes and Trends with Vote by Mail, Election Systems Critical Infrastructure, Survey Discussions from the EAC and FVAP as well as Polling Place Access Issues.

Individual presentations from the following agencies, offices and institutions included: Auburn University, Democracy Works, Department of Homeland Security, Electronic Registration Information Center, Federal Voting Assistance Program, King County Elections Director, Marion County Clerk, Office of Ohio Secretary of State, U.S. Government Accountability Office, United States Election Assistance Commission, and the Weber County Election Director.

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It is that time of year again. The Professional Practices Program is an opportunity in which election officials can publicly share their successful practices. So, now is the time to put your best onto paper and share it with your colleagues. It is our hope that you will make time to help this program grow and to enrich our profession further. In order to evaluate and select winners and to prepare for the presentations at the National Conference, we have set a deadline of June 9, 2017 for submission of all papers. Download the coversheet and for more information please review our 2017 flyer below.


Professional Practice Program 2017 Flyer

Professional Practice Program Cover Sheet



Our most recent Special Workshop entitled "Voter Registration And Elections Security" provides hands on advice, insights and recent updates from your colleagues concerning Voter Registration as well as facets of election administration impacting Elections Security. Review the presentations from the following individuals: Scott Wiedmann, Matt Crane, Janice Case, Jeramy Gray, Mitchell Brown, Kathleen Hale Wesley Wilcox, Mark Listes and Whitney Quesenbery.

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(NASS) SUMMARY - The National Association of Secretaries of State, which represents chief state election officials, announces the formation of a NASS Election Cybersecurity Task Force and the adoption of a bipartisan resolution opposing the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's January 2016 classification of election infrastructure as "critical infrastructure."


"We are calling on the new administration to rescind the critical infrastructure label for elections and return to the process that has been in place for more than 200 years to provide national security support for our highly-decentralized, low-connectivity electoral system. In the meantime, states will be working together to step up their preparedness against future cyber threats."

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The Election Center is pleased to provide you with the attached latest version of our checklist #10 entitled, ‘Elections Security Checklist’. This checklist was sent to all the Election Center Members for your review and comment and we are issuing the latest version.  You will find it in our Election Security Infrastructure Resources Area.

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New Release Of Auburn University
And CERA Faculty Publication

The Election Center is pleased to announce the Palgrave Macmillan publication of Administering Elections: How American Elections Work written by three of our esteemed CERA faculty at Auburn University; Kathleen Hale, Robert Montjoy, & Mitchell Brown.

Since the 2000 presidential election, attention to and scholarship about American elections have exploded alongside myriad proposals for election reform. This book provides a framework for a broader understanding of this critical dimension of American democracy by providing a digest and analysis of contemporary American election administration practices. Using a systems perspective, the authors provide policymakers, election officials, candidates,  Read More...




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